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What to do? Who to call in World Golf Village?

Always best to call 911.  We are told that both the Police and Fire Rescue monitor these calls at the same time.

Although they have the ability to trace these calls tell them your location right away!



Snake Bites...  Call 911     

Security  tells us to Call 911. 

bulletTell them you have a snake bite victim
bulletGive your address
bulletTell them you have a firehouse right outside our front gate On Pacetti Road at Mirabella. 
bulletBring the person to that firehouse station!


bulletDo NOT Apply a tourniquet.
bulletDo NOT attempt to suck out the poison.
bulletKeep the person still as possible.

According to The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission there are 44 varieties of snakes in Northeast Florida, but only 6 are poisonous.  WGV has numerous Water Moccasins, and Pigmy Rattle Snakes.

Black Racers are not poisonous but they can still bite you.

If you get bitten, the only acceptable treatment for snakebite is anti-venom. Wash with soap and water and remove any jewelry.

It is best to leave any snake alone.  Stay away from them.  They live here along with the alligators.

Security 940-1255 940-1251

Snake Identification guide   Click on link below



Black Racer Cottonmouth

Water Moccasin

Pigmy Rattle Snake

Eastern Corn Snake - Non Venomous




Fire... Dial 911


bulletAddress of fire. We have a fire station outside our front gate at Mirabella

Security 940-1255   940-1251



Dog Bites & Unleashed dogs




St. Johns County Animal Control    (904) 209-0746


After business hours, please leave a message and a staff member will return your call.


Animal EMERGENCIES, call 911. Please do not contact them directly with routine animal complaints.






If documented, HOA Boards can usually levy fines but this would take longer than contacting Animal Control as their regulations appear to be more strict than those of HOA's .