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Oct 27, 2018


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New Fitness Center History Click Here!*


Fitness Class Info!! 

If residents want to have updated information on the group fitness schedule, they can contact Kathy Howell to add them to my WGV ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR eblast list. 


Fitness Activities Calendar




FREE Fitness Class Demos

9/12 This Thursday

Core + Stretch class
Come to one or both classes! 

6:30 p.m. Core 
    7:00 p.m. Stretch 

The first half of this class is all about the core!
Fire up your abs, lower back, and glutes to build a stable, stronger, and more powerful core. The last half is the cool down thru a relaxing variety of full body stretches using movements that flow smoothly to increase flexibility, decrease muscle tension, develop core strength, and improve muscular balance. Everyone needs this class! 

Actual Class starts 9/26.

Bring a mat, a towel, and WATER!
$10 for both classes or $5 for either core or stretch class only. 

Any questions, please contact Monica Fourman at monicafourman@gmail.com

Class Descriptions Click Here!*

Several classes below are in the works along with early morning, evening, & weekend classes. 


Adult Ballet 

Ballroom Dance

Pure Strength/Total Body Training

Teen Boot Camp

Senior Stretch & Tone

Spin classes



Fit over Fifty!

Extreme Burn

Barre, Balance, Core



Country Heat Line Dancing


Marshall Arts


 If anyone is interested in one of these slots below please email actdirector@wgvsocial.com with all of the available times interested in & choice

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Amenities committee members Doris Stamm, Steve Berry, Val Cameron

NewFitness Center

Fitness Center King and Bear          11/2017

Groundbreaking Ceremony 11/16/2017

 Steve Berry Chas Stamm Doris Stamm  Garry Fuld   Fran Underwood

After many months of Permit delays by the county we finally began to work on the new facility!


Grand Opening Sept 29, 2018 Click Here!*


Our Overall Plan...

bulletPhase one... New Fitness Building   
bulletPhase two... Remodel Old Fitness Center   
bulletPhase Three...  Remodel Old Amenities Building


At present, we have one fitness center that measures 1500 square feet and one meeting room of 800 square feet.  Our current fitness center is maxed out with regard to space for equipment.  There is no room for expansion. 

Any resident who has tried and not been able to reserve the current amenity center knows that we have outgrown that existing facility as well


For the past two years, a committee of residents has been carefully studying our current amenities.  In February 2015, a survey was sent out where your thoughts and comments were solicited.  The results of this analysis was a threefold recommendation from the committee to: (1) build a new fitness center; (2) convert and remodel the existing fitness center into new meeting space; and (3) remodel the existing amenity center, upgrading its look and functionality.


In December 2015, the board accepted the committee’s recommendations.  On November 8, 2016, the board adopted the 2017 budget that implements those recommendations.  Beginning in January 2017, the board adopted a plan that will be executed in three phases:


Phase 1 is the construction of a new 5700 square foot fitness center on the vacant land adjacent to the current amenity center parking lot. 


     This new building will include 3000 square feet for fitness equipment (double the current size) and a 1500 square foot exercise and activity room (which we do not now have).  There will also be much needed storage space, as we currently pay $112 per month to house vital equipment off site. New fitness machines will be added to respond to residents repeated calls for more machines. 

Update -- Phase 1 will start in November 2017 and should be completed by August 1, 2018

Once this new building is occupied, the current fitness center will be cleared out and Phase 2 will begin.  The current, dated fitness equipment will be replaced with new in 2018 upon completion of the new fitness building.


Phase 2 involves the remodel of the current fitness center into a 1500 square foot multi-purpose meeting space, complete with bathrooms and a kitchenette.  New tables and chairs will also be purchased.  We anticipate starting this remodel immediately upon the completion of Phase 1, which we estimate to be in and around June 2018.  The renovation work should take about 90 to 120 days.


Phase 3 is anticipated in early 2019 and involves the total remodel of our current 800 square foot amenity center, upgrading both its look and functionality.  This will also involve the purchase of new tables and chairs.  The kitchen area will be re-tooled and a serving counter added.  We anticipate that this work should also be completed in 90 to 120 days.


By doing this in three phases we will not disrupt the use of our current fitness and amenity centers during construction.  When these phases are completed, we will have 4500 square feet of fitness and exercise space spread over two rooms and 2300 square feet of meeting space, more than doubling are current capacity. 


            The board believes that building a new fitness center and doubling the size of our existing meeting space will both enhance the value of your property and maintain the high standard of living we’ve come to expect at the King & Bear.  When compared to other communities in northern St. Johns County, we believe the investment in our new facility is in every homeowner’s best interest.






Grand Opening Info! Sept 29, 2018 Click Here!*


Construction Photos!    Our Fitness Center History in Images

Start to Finish

Initial Ground Breaking 11-13-2017

Foundation Starts 12-2017

Lots of Dirt!


Cold Rainy Days 12/2017


First Wall  1-2018

Three Walls!


Inside Walls Begin 1-2018


Roof Dormers  1/15/2018



1-21-2018 Inside

No middle of the room upright supports!


1/25/2018 Inside Roofing

Lots of open space!


3-2018 Windows installed rear view

3-2018 Front of new building with windows installed



3-16-2018 Painted walls & roof struts

3-17 Shutters being installed


4-23-2018 Roof Material being off loaded


5-2018 Roof installation



5/4/2018 Front of Building metal roof in place


5-23-2018 Finished Roof


6-14-2018  Electrical, A/C Heating Trucks lined up!    

Front of building


Below is the new floor being installed in the Studio. 7/12/2018




 7-9-2018   An update on the construction of the new fitness center.


 We’ve had two issues that are delaying the opening. The first was the interior tile work took longer than anticipated, but the good news there is that we saved several thousand dollars on the cost of those materials and installation. 


 Secondly, a defect was discovered in the rubber flooring (which covers about 80% of the fitness center).  We brought the defects to the attention of the manufacturer, who has assumed responsibility and agreed to replace the entire delivery.  A new batch of flooring is being made and will be shipped to us. The best guess on the shipping is sometime in mid-July, but as of today we have no exact delivery date. Once we have delivery, we will then need to reschedule the installers. That can be tricky since they are a specialized unit. All they do is remove and lay down this particular type of rubber flooring. But they are aware of our problem and have agreed to work with us. Our hope is all this occurs before August 1.


7-9-2018  This image shows the main room of the fitness center.


 In the meantime we are moving ahead with trimming out the bathrooms, final painting, mirror installation, electrical work, constructing the two entrances, and landscaping. Our goal is to have the building open in early to mid-August, but it all hinges on the rubber flooring.  


 We hope everyone is excited about this new addition to the amenities of World Golf Village.  As construction of new communities and neighborhoods continues around us, it is vital for the health of our community that we keep pace with what those communities will be offering in terms of amenities.  Our new fitness center is the first step in upgrading and replacing our buildings that are now severely dated and tired.  


 We will be having a grand opening of the new building, and will provide more details on that event as we near opening day.  



 We’ll keep you posted.

Shan Morton Giordano, Steve Berry, Chas Stamm, Fran Underwood and Jim Ferguson




Below is the new floor inside the Studio Room.  Finally! 7-13-2018

Seen here, fans installed. TV installed. Skylights. New Floor.

7-27-2018  Cement steps and sidewalks being poured.





New Steps to the front doors. 

Stonework on columns just starting.


The new main room floor down in place.

Mirrors installed on the wall to the right.



Pavers being installed on entries


Landscaping being installed all around.


More Landscaping



Life Fitness moving equipment in.


8-20-2018 Life Fitness Equipment delivered today.





8/21/2018 Life Fitness Machines installation day!!!


The following photos below showing anyone using the machines is from a publicity photo shoot done the week of 8/27.

We are getting close to opening but we still have vendors and contractors in every day finishing up.

Painters, electricians security people still need to be in there with ladders and tarps doing their thing.

We will see you on Saturday the 29th!

Chas 9/25/2018        


Chin-up / Dip Assist








Triceps Machine


8-28-2018 Night Time


8-28-2018 Stonework on front columns complete

9/1/2018  HOA Board VP Steve Berry showing off his Spin Bike skills



Newest Photo

9-2-2018   Doris  -  Chas  -  Steve  -  Shan    


Grand Opening Info!

Sept 29, 2018 Click Here!*



9/29/2018  Ribbon Cutting...We're Done!!

           Shan Giordano  -  Chas Stamm  -  Doris Stamm  -  Val Cameron  -  Steve Berry


Grand opening!!

Grand Opening crowds...

I'd like to thank everyone who came up to us this day and enjoy this terrific addition to our community.

Your kind words were well appreciated.

On behalf of my wife Doris and myself, and all the volunteers it took to make this happen, we Thank You!

Chas Stamm







































































































































































































































Past Activities



World Golf Village



Boot Camp !

WGV Fitness Boot Camp!



Plenty of Programs


Core Exercises


Fitness Center Rules: 

Please note that the Fitness Center is an unattended facility and persons using the facility do so at their own risk. Persons interested in using the Fitness Center are encouraged to consult with a physician prior to commencing a fitness program.



HOURS: 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.


1.    Only residents and their accompanied guests may use the facility, with a maximum of 2 guests per resident, per visit.

2.    Children under 13 years are not permitted in the workout area. Children ages 13-17 are allowed, if accompanied by a resident over the age of 21. Children of all ages are allowed in the Studio, when attending child classes.

3.    This is a non-smoking facility. Also, no food or glass.

4.    Proper gym shoes and attire must be worn at all times. No wet bathing suits.

5.    Please use earphones for all personal devices.

6.    Wipe off equipment when you are finished. Use only the paper towels and disinfectant provided. Do not wipe down equipment with personal towels.

7.    Limit cardio equipment usage to 30 minutes maximum, when others are waiting.

8.    Do not overload a machine with extra weights. They are calibrated to perform at certain maximum weights.

9.    Always consult your physician before starting a fitness program.

10. No pets allowed.

11. Please report any problems, damaged or broken equipment to:

May Management at 904-940-1002.


The Six Mile Creek POA:

 Is not liable or responsible for any injuries that occur while using equipment or while on premises.

 Is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property.

The Six Mile Creek POA reserves the right to suspend privileges for repeated violations