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Oct 27, 2018


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Resident News and Events for World Golf Village


The following upcoming events are planned for the

World Golf Village

Events are for residents of :

King and Bear, Royal Pines, Turnberry, Saint Andrews, the Residences, Isles of the World, Greenside, Laterra, Laterra Links and Westminster

 The only accepted communities of World Golf Village

The HOA fees of these communities go towards the upkeep and maintenance of World Golf Village.  No other communities or neighborhoods contribute and therefore are not included in these social events.



Latest Activities = click on the left side Link "Calendar"



New WGV Fitness Center

Fitness Class Information click here!



One is good for all classes. Print, complete, & give to any of our instructors.





Sign on Petition

Buc-ees Mega Gas Station

on IGP & I 95




New Food Surveys... Who makes the best...

Pizza?    Burgers?   Sandwiches?


  • FREE Tech Support for WGV Residents!
    • Daniel Malloy is a tech savvy student who is offering free help to anyone with a cell phone or computer issues.
    • Third Tuesday of each month from 7pm to 8pm at the King and Bear Amenities Center.
    • For more information contact Kathy Howell
    • Daniel Malloy



Promote your business on WGVSOCIAL.COM
  • Advertise your business card for $10 per month or a full page ad for $25 per month. Based on approval.
  • Ad copy must be submitted in word document.
  • Logos must be in jpeg format.

Payments can be made through PayPal to wgv@wgvsocial.com or by check made payable to wgv social committee. An invoice will be sent to your email.

Contact Kathy Howell




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5 K Run!  Dec 9, 2017 Halloween Fun Fest SJNWR Web Site
Activities Director for WGV Healthy Dinners & Sides Classes St Aug Amphitheatre
Activities Monthly Page Heritage Park Playground St. Aug Wild Reserve
Amphitheatre - Concert Events! Hot Air Balloon Rides  
  Ice Cream Truck in King & Bear!  St Johns County Web Site
Audubon Society St Johns County   Soccer WGV Kids! 
Bingo!   Summer Combo Camp 2018
Book Sharing Library Kids Events!   Swim Team - WGV
Bunco Nights  Ladies King and Bear.US  Property Owners Web Site! Teen Volunteer Service Credit
  King and bear fishing guidelines Tennis Info!
Calendar of Events!  Weekly  Updates! Links to services around WGV Texas Hold-em Poker Games
Carol's Corner - WGV Events!   Traffic Tickets - K & B 
Contact WGV Mahjong Group Trash Removal - Large Items
WGV Crafts Fair  2018 Mailbox Replacements  King and Bear  
Crepe Myrtles in WGV Master Plan of WGV -Maps of Neighborhoods Water Aerobics FREE
Community Journal Guidelines Monthly Events! WGV Water Fitness Classes
Emergency Info Motorcycle Windshield ID Decals Water Restrictions
Events Newsletter of WGV  Phone Numbers Water Walking Classes
Fall Fun Fest Carnival!  2017 Photo Gallery! WGV! Weight Watchers
Fighting Turtles Swim Team PickleBall Wildlife Photos in WGV
First Coast Security Poker Nights Yoga Classes in King & Bear
Food Truck Fridays!     
Fun News  Carol Carnicelli Restaurants Reviews Youth Activities!

Garage Sales 2018K&B -Oct 14

  Zumba Classes in WGV
Gate Access Log In  King and Bear Social Activities!  
  Soccer Registration 2018!  
Golf Course News!      
Great Chowder Debate St Augustine    


Contact Us! - Questions about World Golf Village?



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Healthy Dinners & Sides Class

Would you like to eat delicious food and still manage health all at the same time? Entertain and have your friends and family raving over your simple yet tasty recipes?

Join Nancy Cohen RDN LDN- our local Nutritionist as she reviews the principles of Recipe Modification and shows you three quick and healthy recipes for meals and sides.

Nancy is a Nutritionist of 30 plus years and had her own cooking show “Food For Thought” on the Cablevision Network. She brings her knowledge and skills to our King & Bear Family.

Where: King & Bear Amenity Center
Cost: $25 including a sample of items plus recipes.

CLICK HERE for Dates!

New dates coming soon!








Every 3rd FRIDAY

FEATURING: Various Food Trucks!


5-8 p.m. 

Full Menu Click on Food Truck!

Come & enjoy some of the finest food tucks right here in King & Bear! No need to drive miles away for great food when the best food will drive here!
Please show support for this popular growing food truck trend so that we will be able to get the very best trucks.

Food trucks are extremely popular in several local communities. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to socialize with your friends at our outdoor pavilion or grab dinner on your way home from a busy work week!

If you find a tasty food truck while you're out & about, please email Kathy Howell @ actdirector@wgvsocial.co



PickleBall  WGV

Courts at the WGV Neighborhood Park - International Golf Parkway

Pickle Ball 

WGV courts at our Neighborhood Park on International Golf Parkway 

Become healthy & have FUN playing pickle ball & enjoy the evening.

There are no time slots for use of these courts. 

No assigned times for any neighborhood.

They are "first Come, First Serve" and please restrict your play time to one hour when people are waiting.

WGV courts in Neighborhood Park on International Golf Parkway

We will teach you! Ages from 18 thru 80. You choose the day, from 7:00 p.m. to dusk. 



ts     On Our Patio by the Pools!









2014 Water Restrictions



Trash Removal

Trash Removal- Large Items

Large items for trash removal will need to be called in at 904-825-0991pick up is arranged on Thursday for these large items.

You will need to let them know this pick up is for St. Johns county and your address.


Motorcycle decal 2013

King and Bear Motorcycle Riders

King & Bear Motorcycle Windshield ID Sticker   

as of - 6/2013

King and Bear residents who drive motorcycles now have an identifiable windshield sticker available. This new decal is an attempt to make gate access easier for resident riding motorcycles.  Please note that it is not mandatory.
Seeing as the resident bar codes don’t work well on motorcycles, bikers have long been at a disadvantage by not being able to use the automatic resident lanes in entering the King & Bear.
Displaying this new decal on your motorcycle windshield will help the guards to recognize you as a resident of the King and Bear. It should avoid having to stop your bike, and get your wallet, then pull out your driver’s license to show the guard.
The numbered decals are shown below and are available at the May Management office for a cost of $10.


Not only will the decal easily identify you and your motorcycle as a resident of the King and Bear but should cut down on the delay time in entering at the gates.

This decal will not work as a bar code so you will still have to go through the visitors’ lane.
When approaching the gates just point to your windshield decal.

It is a much simpler and safer way of entering your neighborhood.






Anyone interested in

Every Friday

1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

K & B Amenity Center
Break out the tiles, bamboos, characters and circles and enjoy Mah Jong with your friends and neighbors.


Marsha Biddar



Crepe Myrtle Season   

Crepe Myrtle Season!

June-July is one of the nicest times of the year is when all the Crepe Myrtles start to bloom. Mid June seems to be the time and here it is. 

I like the red ones the best.  Send us some Photos of some of these great plants!

Take a look


Check out more on our Photo Gallery Page.



Photo page

WGV Photo Gallery Page added to our Web Site
We have added a new Photo Page to our web site.  It will feature photographs taken by our neighbors and friends. They are photos of our communities.

Interesting photos of our neighborhoods and neighbors is what we are looking for.  Don't be surprised if we have you voting on your favorites at the end of the year!

You will notice a new button on the left side which will bring you to our new Photo Page

Once there, click on any photo for a larger view.


Send us your photos!            Chas <'////><


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Mailboxes for King and Bear

Mailboxes for King & Bear Residents

In the King & Bear it is the responsibility of each home owner to maintain their own mailbox. 

The place listed below is the least expensive way you can keep your mailbox up to King and Bear standards.


Below are some price options available by Dell Maintenance:

  • New Mailbox with numbers, new post, new ball, painted and installed - $100
  • New mailbox with numbers, repaint post and ball $ 50.
  • Paint existing mailbox, post, flag, ball and apply new address numbers - $25.
  • Mailbox numbers $20


If you would like to contact Dell Maintenance the following information is supplied:

Dell Maintenance

1327 Ardmore St

St Augustine, Fl 32092


These mail boxes have been approved by the King and Bear Architectural Review Board. 

No ARB paperwork is required if using this company to replace your mailbox.

The required paint colors can be obtained from Sherwin Williams:
  • Mailbox post color - WGV Burgundy
  • Gold Balls - #2906 - Gold Spray Paint



Replacement numbers can be found at www.mrletter.com  


  • Space Limit:  1/2 inch
  • Font: Helvetica Medium
  • Material / Color:  Premium Vinyl - Gold Metallic 2040
  • Letter size: 3 inches





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Traffic tickets

 Traffic Tickets will be issued within the King and Bear.

The Board of Directors of the King and Bear have asked the St. John's Sherriff's Department to begin issuing tickets instead of warnings to speeders within the King and Bear. The decision comes after numerous complaints of cars speeding within the gates of the King and Bear.

Obey the speed limits signs and avoid the tickets. This is your last warning!

A speed of 39 mph will get you a $130 ticket! A speed of 40mph  will set you back $199.00



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King and Bear Homeowners Web Site

King and Bear Property Owners Web Site


This is the site for your OFFICIAL information for property owners of the King and Bear.

This is a communications link between the property owners and the management of the King and Bear.





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WGV Book Sharing Library

Announcing the World Golf Village Book Sharing Library, housed at the King & Bear Fitness Center. Residents can donate books or borrow books at their convenience, leisure reading only; no text books. If you have books that you would like to donate, bring them to the fitness center and place them on the shelves. There is no cost and you can keep books as long as you like.

Contact Ronnie Botnick 940-0972 with questions or suggestions.




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Reader Note

An ad or referral on this website does not constitute an endorsement for a business or service. We are not responsible for the content or any errors in the content.

This website is operated by homeowners for the benefit of homeowners, and has no business relationship with Davidson Realty, the Davidson Companies, May Management, or any other business entity within the World Golf Village.





Looking for something different to do? 

What's happening in St Augustine!  Click Here  Events - Concerts -


St. Augustine Wild Reserve

Have you heard any strange sounds in the K & B?

They are right outside your WGV doorstep.

Make a right outside the main gate and he is right there on Silo Road.




"Full Moon" sing-a-longs provided by the wolves!








Tour Information...Click Here!


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Balloon Ride






Go Take a Balloon Ride!  Hot Air Balloon Rides in WGV!

He is your neighbor!  He lives in Wildwood.  His name is David M. Fuller and he pilots this balloon over the WGV.  He has recently moved his ballooning business from Orlando to St Augustine and is presently setting up landing locations.

What a great trip!!  A Great Gift Idea! 

It is the thrill of a lifetime!  Check it out!  Click on the link of the photo!

Sunday mornings around the King and Bear...Look Up!!

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Have you got an event planned?

Have you got a Neighborhood Web Site?  E-Mail it to us.  Lets post it!  email2move.gif (14893 bytes)



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