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WGV Photo Gallery


Photographs taken from in and around World Golf Village!

Send us your photos for display! Click Here!

1.  4th of July 2010 Fireworks 6.  WGV views from a Hot Air Balloon  
2.  4th of July Parade at Glenmoor 7.  Crepe Myrtle Season   June 2010  
3.  9th hole at the Slammer 8. Wildlife Photos in WGV  
4.  Stars over the Cascades 9. Windmill Repairs December 2010  
5.  Hall of Fame after the Fireworks 2009 10. Hot Air Balloon lands at Front Gate of King and Bear May 2012  










Dave Fuller's hot air balloon "BUGLY" comes down for a landing right near the front gate of the King and Bear in May of 2012.

Another successful landing!

Way to go Dave!








December 2010 King and Bear Windmill Repairs

December 2010 Had some needed repairs to the windmill in the King and Bear take place.

Greg Beamer climbed in a bucket truck and soared skyward to perform the fix.

Photos by Chas Stamm








4th of July WGV 2010

4th of July Fireworks


Graham Martin

Click on the photo to see more great photos!


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4th of July Parade at Glenmoor 2010

4th of July


Parade at Glenmoor

Click on Photo for a slide show of the event



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9th Hole Slammer & Squire

Click to Enlarge

This is a picture I took on the 9th fairway at Slammer & Squire. It was a very overcast day. I took the picture using an old Hasselblad film camera and using what is called "near" infra-Red" film which gave the trees that whitish look.


Graham Martin

The Cascades

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Stars over the Cascades

Click to Enlarge


This picture was of some star trails that I took on a very clear night last month near  my house at The Cascades. The picture is a combination of 120  exposures of 30 seconds each which I then merged together. You can see some faint straight lines going "South to North". The two in the center are airplanes while the one on the right is a satellite. The airplane trails are kind of like a series of dashes caused by their blinking lights whereas the satellite is a continuous line caused by reflection.

Graham Martin

The Cascades


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After the WGV Fireworks 2009


The "calm after the storm" -- photos the morning after the WGV July 3rd 2009 grand fireworks display--held rain or shine and we did have some powerful rain that night ... but then it cleared and the show went on! 

Carol Carnicelli

Click for a larger View!    Click for a Larger View!   Click for a Larger View!

Click for a Larger View!   Click to Enlarge

Photo taken from one of the suites at the Renaissance Resort.  What a beautiful site.

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WGV from a Hot Air Balloon

These photos were taken from a hot air balloon that my wife Doris and I took one morning with Dave Fuller.

Dave lives in wildwood and we live in Lakewood. 

Doris chartered this trip for an anniversary gift for the two of us.  What a thrill!  Here are a couple of the shots looking down at the King and Bear.    

Chas Stamm

 Click on the photos for a larger view.

Our Vehicle took off from behind the Waffle House on CR210 by I-95

Looking down at the windmill circle and the first and ninth hole of the king and bear. You can see the shadow of our balloon just above the water hazard by the ninth green.

Den St. in Waterbury is on the left.

The windmill circle lower right and Heritage Landing center with the St Johns River in the background

Heritage Landing is huge!

Interesting how close the St Johns River is.


Looking down at the windmill circle, the swim and tennis center is on the right.

This is a shot of Lakewood with Wildwood, Tuscan Wood, Grovewood and the St Johns River in the background. Interesting how much forest is around the WGV.

Landing near the 14th fairway King and Bear - Sunday morning.


For information on Dave Fuller and his Hot Air Balloon Rides Click here*.

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Crepe Myrtle Season   June 2010        Chas Stamm

Several houses in the king and bear offering some nice displays of their Crepe Myrtle trees. 

They come in violet red and white.  I like the red ones.

Do you know these homes? 



Send us your photos in a JPG format.  Give us your name and some info about the shots.

Click on the following link and we will post them. WGV Photos!