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Wildlife in WGV

Photos of some of the wildlife here in World Golf Village taken by our residents.

Send us your photos! We will post them here!

Use our "Contact Us" form to request an e-mail address to send your photos to.

What other creatures do we have living here in WGV?  Take a look!

We need photos of Owls!  Eagles! Hawks! I know they are out there!



Scarlet King Snake  10/31/2016  Non Venomous

Photo by Chas  Stamm  Lakewood King & Bear




Look who's come to play with your kids!  Little mister gator.

He's looking to have some fun in the playground!

Photo by Chas  9/2014




8/2014  -  I hate Spiders. I don't know why I am even posting this photo.  Chas

However, He was just sitting there while I was trimming his tree. Anyone know what kind of spider this is?

Click on the photo for a closer look.  Lots of hair on this fella.




Lori Odom took this great shot of an Osprey making a meal of a freshly caught fish from the pond behind her house.

4/2014  Bearsford

Click on the photo for a closer look.




Golden Gator  2/25/2014 16th Hole of King and Bear  -  Chas Stamm

About a 7 footer




Pigmy Rattle Snake

Pygmy sunning on my driveway in Oakwood Saturday   Oct 2013
(he was relocated)





Looking at the bushes at the Fitness Center...

Click here for a closer look!

A little closer....Click on the dark spot in the bushes on the right...

Keeping our rodent population in check is our resident Blacksnake. "Blacky!"

Non venomous.

Harmless to humans and good for the environment! Don't be afraid of this one.






Raiding my Hummingbird feeder at night...   The Bandit!     8-14-2012  Chas Stamm





I think this is an eastern corn snake.  Non venomous - Lakewood - Chas    4/1/2012

Very colorful. Scary to look at but harmless.






Humming birds

Outside our window in Lakewood...Chas





These deer from Dennis in Oakwood

Dennis Homsey April 2011




OK...How about this one...6/30/2011 This small horse comes walking through my yard in Lakewood...

Photo by Chas Stamm  6/30/2011





Bald Eagle in Bearsford!

This photo is sent in from Susan Rugenstein in Bearsford. 4/2011  What a great shot!

Probably went up there to adjust the dish!



Humming Bird at 3757 in Lakewood  -  Photos by Chas Stamm


  Front gate of the King and Bear!

Photo by Chas Stamm


Wild Turkey in Wildwood    Photo By Jeff Verberne 10-2008


Pair of peacocks on the side of the road off Pacetti Road  Chas Stamm   9-2010


Dear in Wildwood  Photo by Jeff Verberne   10-2008


Wild Boar in Wildwood  Photo by Jeff Verberne   9-2008  - These guys will tear up your lawn!